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You will receive your profit at the expiry date. If you close your interest account before the maturity date, you'll receive your invested amount without any profit.


You can receive your profit any time. Even if you close your interest account before the maturity date, you'll receive your invested amount with your profit.

An interest account is a special type of investment account, where you can get a guaranteed profit depending on the chosen asset and duration of a deposit. This type of deal doesn’t depend on the asset price, so it gives you a possibility to earn in case you wait until the end of the expiration of the account. Once the maturity date of your deposit comes, you get your investment credited back on your wallet balance, and also you receive the profit corresponding to the promise at the moment of opening an interest account.

Every interest account has its expiry date. You can see it both while creating a new one and when checking the existing. When it comes to an account to get closed per reaching the expiry date, you will get 2 incoming transactions in your wallet: one will credit back your investment amount and another will give you the profit.

Note: The profit is credited in the crypto/token of the interest account. So, if you’ve made a deposit with BTC, your profit will be credited as a certain amount of BTC. We care about your funds, that’s why we will send you an email once your interest account is closed. You will not miss that special day!

Note: Before making a deposit, please make sure that you have some funds on your account balance. If not, you need to PayIn/Top-up your balance first.

  1. On the opened screen in the Earn section you have to select the asset of your interest first. The rate for a chosen asset may vary depending on the chosen cryptocurrency/token and the duration of the deposit.
  2. After selecting the asset and saving period, proceed to the amount line.
  3. Before opening an interest account, please verify all the account details.
  4. If you agree with all the provided conditions, confirm it.
  5. You will be prompted to read and accept the Terms of interest policy and confirm that you acknowledge that closing your fixed deposit prior to its maturity date will lead to lack of any profit (only principal returned).
  6. The last step is to tap on the Open an interest account button to finalize an interest account opening.

Note: If you close your fixed interest account before its maturity date, all your interest profit will be lost and you will only get the investment back.

  1. To see the list of your active interest, open the app and proceed to the Earn section and open the interest accounts tab.
  2. Select the account to close and tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of it.
  3. By doing that, you will open the menu with 3 options: Terms, Rates, and Terminate early. Please tap on the last one to continue closing your interest account.
  4. The system will ask you to confirm the action one more time: just tap Terminate interest account to finalize the process. Your investment will be credited to your wallet in a few seconds.

There are a few common cases when you might be facing an issue while opening an interest account:

  • You don’t have funds/crypto on your wallet balance. In this case, you simply need to PayIn/Top-up your account balance.
  • You are filling in the wrong amount of a crypto/token for opening an interest account. If so, please check the amount you have and correct your deposit plans.
  • You haven’t read and accepted the Terms of interest when confirming your interest account opening.
  • If your wallet satisfies all the criteria, mentioned above, please try to reboot it or restart and try to make a deposit once more. If that doesn’t help, please reach out to the Support Team, providing us with more details regarding the issue you are facing.