Monthly loyalty program

Always in demand

CRPT is an ERC-20 token developed by Crypterium. All crypto-fiat transactions made within the App are fueled by CRPT tokens. Every time you buy cryptocurrencies or cash it out, a tiny 0.5% fee is charged in CRPT and burned.

Being loyal pays off

1. Loyalty group

Users are divided into 4 groups by the amount of CRPT holdings at Crypterium App:

Bronze: 0 CRPT
Silver: 0 - 8 000 CRPT
Gold: 8 000 - 25 000 CRPT
Platinum: more than 25 000 CRPT

2. Transactions volume

Rewards from the MLP Fund are distributed amoung different groups as follows. Your reward is correlated with the number of transactions you execute in the app.
Monthly loyalty program

Benefits you can’t miss

Holders of CRPT tokens get access to a wide range of exclusive deals, such as a reduced price for the Crypterium Card and our monthly subscription plans. You can purchase CRPT directly in the App, or in some of the world’s most popular exchanges like KuCoin, Liquid, and HitBTC.